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Even though many people think if Hurghada or a Red Sea Sharm el Sheikh holiday as the ultimate scuba diving venture, Safaga also has plenty to offer.   Since Safaga is only 53 km/33 miles from Hurghada, you can enjoy all the best diving sites along with the advantages that go with visiting this particular area.  Aside from scuba and snorkeling, you may also want to take advantage of the mineral springs that are useful for treating psoriasis rheumatoid arthritis.   Individuals that want to learn more about ancient Egypt are also sure to enjoy a visit to Luxor.

Best Diving Sites in Safaga
there are at least two sites

If you are a diver planning on visiting Safaga Egypt, there are at least two sites that should be on your priority list. First, Tobia Arb aa features stunning chain reefs.  As divers move from one section of reef to another, many fall in love with all the colorful schools of fish that live in this area.  You are also sure to find dozens of locations that will create stunning images that will easily rival the most beautiful landscapes on land.

Abu Qifan is ideal for people that want to catch a glimpse of unusual structures while diving.  Scuba enthusiasts also enjoy this diving site because it features stunning wall reefs that extend for several acres.  This site is also ideal if you are looking to spot tuna, sharks, and mantas.  No doubt, as you swim along with these majestic animals, you are sure to feel like you have a rare opportunity to learn more about them.

Accommodations in Safaga

When you are searching for Safaga hotels, you may find that it is better to look for a bungalow. These tend to be more common than hotel accommodations. That said, the main hotel in Safaga can accommodate over 100 people, and is known to offer good quality. No matter where you decide to stay, you will always have good access to the beach and dive center. Needless to say, if you did not bring along your own equipment, there are plenty of locations where you can rent the necessary gear.

Liveaboard in Safaga

Many people feel that Safaga is in an ideal place when it comes to reaching all the best diving and snorkeling locations on the Red Sea.  That said, there will always be sites located more than a few hours away from where you are staying.  Under these circumstances, a liveaboard package may be more suitable for your needs. Fortunately, if you do some research, you will find a number of Safaga diving centers that also offer liveaboard packages.

There is no question that Egypt has evolved into a desert and tropical paradise for tourists from around the world.   While millions of people visit Egypt for the sake of the antiquities, scuba divers are also finding that a Red Sea holiday holds just as many wonders.  Therefore, if you want to make use of your diving skills on your next vacation, a visit to Safaga may give you everything that you are looking for.