When you arrive in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga, or Dahab, you will be amazed at all the incredible diving locations that are found off the coast of Egypt. Even if you are a professional diver, you will not be able to visit each site in just a few weeks. Today, there are at least four Red Sea diving sites that offer a wide range of variety. If you want to see ship wrecks, swim with dolphins, or photograph scintillating corals, these four diving sites on the Red Sea will suit your needs.

Brother Islands
located in the middle of the Red Sea

As you may be aware, the Brother Islands are located in the middle of the Red Sea.  This is the perfect destination for divers looking for liveaboard ventures.  When you dive  at this site, you will have an opportunity to view two ship wrecks.  The Aida was built by France in 1911, survived German bombings during WWII, and sank in 1957.  Individuals that are romantically inclined are sure to be stunned by the beauty of the corals and tropical fish that cover the Numida.  This vessel, which was built and then sank in 190, is known as the most beautiful sunken vessel in the world. 

Daedalus Reef
swim with Hammerhead sharks.

Daedalus Reef is perfect for scuba enthusiasts that want to see and swim with Hammerhead sharks. You are also sure to be intrigued by hundreds of colorful fish, zesty corals, and all sorts of exotic underwater creatures. Many people that plan a Red Sea holiday tend to put Daedalus Reef at the top of their list of scuba diving sites to visit.

Elphinstone Reef
The Best Snorkeling in Red Sea

Located near the shore, Elphinstone Reef is ideal for snorkeling as well as diving. Scuba hobbyists are sure to enjoy the sight of turtles, corals, and brightly colored schools of fish. This site also features an underwater cave and sharks.

Abu Nuhas
Island in the northern Red Sea

This site features at least five boat wrecks.  While many of the wrecks are fairly new, you are sure to be intrigued by the Carantic.  It was built in Great Britain and sank in 1869.  Even though it was filled with gold, cotton, and and wine from India, most of the merchandise was recovered within a few months of the sinking.  That said, if you are looking for underwater treasures during your Red Sea Holiday, you never quite know what you will find.  Depending in your interests, you can complete your dive by going through the ship, or enjoy the sight of an enormous fire coral bed located nearby.

Once you visit a dive center on the Red Sea, you will be amazed at all the places that you can visit for the purposes of diving.  Regardless of whether you choose liveaboard or other accommodations, each snorkeling and diving venture is sure to bring you plenty of fond memories.  If you are planning a Red Sea Sharm el Sheikh holiday, or one to a nearby destination, you are sure to find that the Brother Islands, Daedalus Reef, Abu Nuhas, and Elphinstone Reef will give you plenty of diving and snorkeling variety.